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DOOM - Demons and Weapons Trailer

DOOM - Demons and Weapons Trailer

DARK SOULS 3 Launch Trailer (PS4 / Xbox One)

Official launch trailer for Dark Souls 3 !

Tom Clancy's The Division - Review

Its enemies seem oddly overpowered and its leveling system demands grinding, but The Division still succeeds thanks to its rich world, strong campaign, and impressive online functionality--not to mention all that sweet loot.

popular comments

Hey look at me I hate this game haha give me attention

It deserves the score you have given it, whatever people say. It is a really good game, but not a perfect one. Great review

This game has looked more and more generic since its reveal.

Destiny: Modern Warfare 2

All the people without friends are really butthurt... The game is far from perfect, but an 8 is fair.

Tekken 7 may be coming to PC

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

What follows is an almost action-free first hour, punctuated by some heavy handed posing of the film's central theme: can absolute power (in this case, Superman) be trusted? Batman is firm in his belief that Superman's potential disastrous impact must be curtailed. The US Government for its part is becoming increasingly alarmed at Superman's unilateral, globe-spanning heroic efforts, and has begun a series of Senate hearings to investigate the unintended consequences from Superman's various actions.

Transistor Demo

Maxwell joins Greg Kasavin on the construction of PAX Asia 2013 for a prolonged recreate finished of Supergiant Games newly announced brave, Transistor.

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